Thursday, 26 July 2018

Our First Blog Post

What this site is About?
Hi I am Alina, I am working in blogging and search engine optimization and currently I am working for some health care and skin care websites..
our main topic right now is acne and as u know acne is the worst kind of skin disease it has 6 types which are named below.
All of these have different treatment and cure.. but all of these are type of acne..

What We will cover?

So My main purpose is to collect some urls and to post on different website so that if a person who is affected from acne and comes to this site he/she can have lots of urls which can help him to get rid of acne..

Here are the urls i am taking from two tumblr blogs which will help you..

These all urls are belong to skin care topics and related to acne.....

Here are some more urls....

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